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About Business Loans

The right business loan can quickly provide you with access to the funds you need, at the speed you require, and at a rate that works for you. If you are looking for financing to start a new business, pay for everyday costs, purchase equipment, or expand, there is a business loan for you. Different business loans can provide access to a range of financing including secured, unsecured, overdrafts, equipment finance and more.

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With loan options for working capital, asset finance and property finance, Valiant can you help you with loans from $5,000 to $10m.

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We compare over 70 lenders to find you the best possible rate for your financing needs.

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Setup your loan terms and a payment plan that suits you and your business.

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With over 70 lenders, we can get you approved and funded quickly.

Over 70 Lenders

We compare loan options from over 70 major Australian lenders. We are not restricted by industry sector or location.

Business Loans – At A Glance

Unsecured Business Loan
Standard loan without any security for the lender. Typically shorter-term and more expensive than a secured loan.
~$5,000 to $250,000
3 months to 5 years
From ~9% p.a.

Secured Term Loan
Standard loan where the lender can take your nominated security if you default. Often has the cheapest rates.
$250,000 to $10M+
Up to 15 years
From ~3% p.a.
Medium to Slow

Business Credit Card
Just like a personal credit card, only for your business!
$1,000 to $150,000
~14% to 20% p.a.
Very Fast

Debtor Financing
Lender pays you a % of your unpaid invoice. You receive remaining invoice value minus lender fee when your customer pays.
Up to $1m+
Invoice dependent
From ~7% p.a.

Equipment Finance
Lender purchases equipment and you pay for use or buyback over time. Often flexible, with tax and balance sheet benefits.
From 3+ months
From ~5% p.a.

Line of Credit
Pre-set amount you can draw down and pay back as needed. Often just "pay for what you use".
$2,000 to $250,000+
From 3+ months
From ~9% p.a.

Merchant Cash Advance
Lender pays you a % of your sales in advance. Lender is automatically repaid from your EFTPOS transactions.
$5,000 to $400,000
Generally 3 to 24 months
20%+ p.a.
Relatively Fast

Bank-account attached product that sets an amount that you can draw beyond your actual balance.
$2,000 to $100,000+
Ongoing with no fixed term
Typically ~6% to 17% p.a.

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