Australia’s financial advice sector has a new commercial lending tool at its fingertips

This is a press release about the launch of the adviser dashboard in April 2016.

Monday, 04 April 2016

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4 APRIL 2016

Australia’s financial advice sector has a new commercial lending tool at its fingertips

Sydney-based fintech firm Valiant Finance has unveiled the next phase of its game-changing small business lending platform. Building on the release of the beta version, Valiant is now rolling out an advisor dashboard which empowers brokers and advisers in offering quality, data-driven business loan advice to their clients.

The platform streamlines the process of sourcing finance for small businesses, allowing business owners to find financing options that are customised for their needs and comparable across the market. In the broker market, it has traditionally been difficult to administer quality business loan advice that accurately weighs up the suitability of loan options from a wide range of lenders. The dashboard view allows advisers and brokers to better serve their clients in sourcing small business finance.

“The priority for us is to get the dashboard in front of as many advisors and brokers as possible. At the same time, as we build up the number of lenders on the panel, including the major banks, we’ll be the only player offering them true cross-market visibility. We want to be a one-stop shop solution for an adviser,” said Valiant Managing Director and Co-founder, Alex Molloy.

Advisers and brokers can use the platform to recommend appropriate commercial loan options to their clients, allowing them to broaden the spectrum of services they offer. The dashboard view makes the results comprehensible at a glance, and easily explainable to the client. The aim is to fully equip the client with data-based suggestions and ensure they fully understand their options before making a decision.

The focus for the Valiant team in the coming months will be to build strong relationships with non-bank financial institutions, and ensure that the technology has the reach to assist as many Australian small business owners as possible.

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About the Valiant platform

Valiant Finance is a business loan marketplace that matches borrowers to lenders, with the aim of removing the barriers that prevent Australia’s small-to-medium enterprises from scaling and growing. Using a proprietary algorithm that identifies the best loan product for the customer, the platform improves the experience for the business owner and saves the lender time by pre-vetting the borrower.

Products available through the Valiant Finance platform include:

  • Unsecured business loans;
  • Secured term loans;
  • Overdrafts;
  • Line of credit;
  • Equipment finance;
  • Debtor financing;
  • Merchant cash advances; and
  • Business credit cards.

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Alex Molloy Cofounder & CEO

Ritchie Cotton Cofounder & Head of Product

[email protected] / 0448 488 123 Nathalie Jones Communications Manager